Early 2024 BRHL Mock draft

With league play across all prospects well underway, the tanking Jets take a peak at future windfalls.

The 2024 Early BRHL Mock Draft


Teams are now 10 games in and the tankers are separating from the pretenders and contenders and prospects are well into their seasons to start to see some early trends for guys about to make jumps. So here is an early look at the 2024 Kings draft!


 CAL 1, CLB 1, DET 1, NAS 1, COL 1, PHI 1, TBL 1, EDM 1, DAL 1, MON 1, MIN 1, SJS 1, SEA 1




In one of the most contested lotteries in recent history, The Ducks have the current edge for top pick Connor Bedard. What has the kid done so far in the NHL. Sniped! Has speed to burn and carries puck at higher speed then without. Kid is going to be good and will have zero competition for this pick. 


Golden Knights

The team that finishes 2nd and 3rd in lottery will also be happy though. Adam Fantilli  and Leo Carlson are neck and neck so far….but will take Fantilli for now. Currently with 6 pts in 12 games he is looking every bit an NHLer….


LAK via BlueJackets

Leo Carlson will be first of the Kings draft. In one of the biggest franchise transitions, Rumpy sold everything for this draft. It will be a few years before his team is ready to compete but could be a massive trend in future if it works. The next off the block and might be gone at this point depending on how the season evolves. He is off to strong start with 4 pts in 7 gp. 



I will hate being in this position if the season and lottery plays out this way. But someone will be in slot 4 of a top three heavy draft. But the draft is very deep so still some excellent picks available here. I will go one of two ways. I suspect I won’t go past Michkov as I do think he is best player available and if wasn’t tied to KHL contract, would have been the 2nd pick in this draft.



The Pens are an interesting team with excellent youth coming. I think they go BPA and will whomever they think is that person. With Benson early season games in NHL and possible BRHL activation early, I think he sneaks into our top 5 and is the pick, though Smith might be. 



Steph storms up and takes Will Smith. With 11 pts in 8 games as a freshman in NCAA, he is an elite prospect and could go as high as 4 in our draft. Will be very cool top 10 for our draft!



Canes will take BPA. I think that is Ryan Leonard so making pick here. But Reinbacher might be the play. Looked strong in preseason for Habs, and could see being a pick here too. 


LAK via Kraken

Pick 2 for the Kings will be BPA. If Rumpy does not win the lottery though I suspect several of these picks to be packaged in an attempt to get Bedard. If he does have BPA will be either Reinbacher or Dvorsky here. For ease, we will call it Reinbacher. 



Easy in current draft format as Rumpy makes next best selection. Dvorsky has moved around from SHL with 10 gp to now OHL with 7 pts in 6gp. 


LAK via Wild

Third straight pick in the current rankings. I have one of Barlow or Yager as next picks. Rumpy is from West and think doesn’t go past Yager who is on pace for 96 pt WHL season. 



Dave goes BPA. It might be the Russian Dman SImashev, but suspect he steers clear of the Russian factor too and goes with Barlow. Guy has pure sniper written all over him. Strong start to OHL season has on pace for another near 50 goal season. 


LAK via Canadiens

If Rumpy still has pick, takes the consensus 2nd best defense prospect in Simashev. He is years away, but all reports has him being elite two way defender with size. All teams need that. Playing regularly in KHL with 20 gp already. 



If Garrett still has this pick, I suspect he trades down and picks up more draft capital in a deep draft. But have to make a pick so will take BPA on NHL draft board Danielson. He took him in another league, so know he likes the player.


LAK via Lightning

Next BPA to me, is Gabe Perrault. Very talented but questioned skater has 11 pts in 8 games as freshman in NCAA. I think the skating issues are overcalled and will not make out of our top 15. 


LAK via Flyers

BPA again for Rumpy and going to take the dman Wallinder. Playing in NCAA with 3 pts in 7 gp might be closer to NHL then some think, but with NHL Vancouver playing very well, will their be NHL space for him. Abbotsford coming up at end of NCAA season? One and done? Maybe….



Oliver Moore is an elite skating forward playing well for UMinn. Chicago NHL pick, given their depth will be given chance to make NHL sooner than later. Suspect at least one more NCAA season though. Strong start with pt per game for Gophers.


OTT via Panthers

Easton Cowan was panned by many pundits on draft day last year. He had a strong camp and has been elite in OHL to start of season with 18 pts in 10 games and pace for near 120 pt year. He will climb up our board.


LAK via Avalanche

Axel-Sandin Pellika is playing very well in SHL as a young defenseman. Won’t fall much in our draft.



Matthew Wood. With 8 pts in 10 games in NCAA to start season, he might climb with strong WJC. Will not fall to 20s in our draft I am sure.



Edouard Sale is now playing in OHL and playing well to start season with 12 pts in 14 games. Will be taken somewhere from 15-20 based on skill alone. 


LAK via Oilers

Anton But – Big man, Rumpy with half draft takes the risk and makes first round selection of 11th ov NHL pick. Has been ok in KHL with 5 pts in 17 gp. He is a unit and may climb boards still. 



Oliver Bonk. The Mullets kid has 12 pts in 15 OHL games. Offers a strong two way game. He will not fall.


LAK via Stars

Tanner Molendyk might be a steal here. 19 pts in 12 game in WHL, he might be a major draft riser by our draft. WJC dark horse?


ANA via Capitals

David Edstrom was a late NHL first but see him climbing and might be a top 20 pick for us. He is a big center with time in SHL this season and playing well with 8 pts in 18 gp as a teen. Watch this space and suspect WJC will be a real coming out for this player. 



Quentin Musty. New age power forward polarizes some. I like his game though. 13 pts in 9 gp can’t see falling. 



Gavin Brindley. Diminuitive forward is sniping at NCAA level. 15 pts in 10 gp with 9 goals. Will not fall out of our first round. 



Bradly Nadeau had elite numbers in BCHL prior to last years draft and has continued that trend onto the NCAA with 5 goals and 8 pts in 6gp. He might continue to climb with that kind of production for the rest of the year. 


LAK via Predators

Andrew Cristall was early 2nd round pick and many were surprised to see him fall. He is on pace for nearly 130pts in WHL with 31 pts in 16 games. Kings take board climber if he is still available. 



Michal Hrabal was a borderline first round pick and think he might squeeze into it our first. 4-1-1 record with 2.32 gaa and .930+ save percentage. 


LAK via Flames

Sam Honzek has not played to date. As such, I have him dropping. I had him late first round on my pre NHL draft mock so going to stick to that.


LAK via Sharks

Calum Ritchie falls marginally as not played yet, but strong second half likely moves to 20-25 slots in our draft. 


LAK via Red Wings

Dmitri Gulyayev - KHL dman might be a steal. Playing well as a teen in KHL with 6 pts in 27 gps


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