Mid-Season Mock Draft

2023 BRHL Mock Draft

As we've passed the mid-way point in the season, some teams are already eyeing up the BRHL draft while others are clawing and scrapping to get into the playoffs. Now seems like a good time to look at producing a mock draft. I took the standing current as of today to use as the draft order but obviously there is a lot that can change and there's also a lottery yet to determine order.


1. LA Kings - Connor Bedard C

An absolute no brainer here at 1. This is the coveted pick that Rumpy collected 14 first rounders for and he'd be thrilled to be at the top come draft day picking first.


2. Anaheim Ducks - Adam Fantilli C

Tough one here. Does Devon go with the real life Duck, or does he go with Fantilli? Maybe he has Michkov ahead of both? Fantilli looked good prior to the injury in the NHL and I think that might sway Devon to Fantilli here.


3. Chicago Blackhawks - Leo Carlsson C

I think Dave takes whoever of Fantilli or Carlsson is left. In this mock that's Carlsson. Carlsson can step in right away for the Hawks next season.


4. Vegas Golden Knights - Matvei Michkov RW

Michkov is the hardest guy to place in these mock drafts since he isn't likely to be BRHL eligible until 2027. Joe's already collected some nice young pieces and I think he has the patience to wait for the kid.


5. Ottawa Senators - Will Smith C

Maybe Smith is the next best guy, maybe he isn't...but I think Steph takes this opportunity to throw out some jokes about Will Smith the actor.


6. Winnipeg Jets - Zach Benson C/LW

Benson is highly skilled and playing pro games this year despite the small stature. He's way too talented to drop any further than Doc's pick.


7. Pittsburgh Penguins - Dalibor Dvorsky C/RW

I think this is the pick where anything can happen. Lots of fallers to pick from and reaches who look primed for a jump in draft position. I think Toby might lean towards the familiar and snag Dvorsky here.


8. Calgary Flames (via Hurricanes) - David Reinbacher RHD

I have heard people calling Reinbacher the next Josi and don't think Kevin will allow him to fall further than this in our draft. 


9. LA Kings (Kraken) - Gabriel Perreault RW

Rumpy's first acquired pick. I think he goes with the uber talented BC kid who's been amazing this year in the NCAA.


10. LA Kings (Blue Jackets) - Ryan Leonard C

Might as well stick with the BC teammate of Perreault here at 10th.


11. Arizona Coyotes - Nate Danielson C

I think Joel will go with Danielson at 11th based on his great pre-season in Detroit and his two-way accumen.


12. LA Kings (Stars) - Matthew Wood LW

Rumpy stays in the NCAA and goes with the big and talened Wood here at 12.


13. New York Rangers - Axel Sandin-Pellikka RHD

He's shown his high skill level this year and will rise I believe in our draft. 13th looks like a good spot for him to land.


14. LA Kings (Wild) - Colby Barlow C

Barlow has been good in the OHL and is on pace for another 40 goal season. I see Rumpy valuing those goal totals and picking him here.


15. Toronto Maple Leafs - Oliver Moore RW

Moore, the future linemate of Bedard possibly, will have teams eagar to call his name on draft day. I think Garrett will be the one to step up and pick the speedy winger.


16. LA Kings (Flyers) - Brayden Yager C

Not really sure what Rumpy is going to value past the top, but he has so many picks that it'll be like throwing 14 darts at a board. Yager seems like a good pick here.


17. LA Kings (Lightning) - Tom Willander LHD

Willander has looked really good in the NCAA and I don't have Rumpy picking any Dmen yet. So this seems like a logical spot for Willander to fall.


18. Calgary Flames (Bruins) - Dmitri Simashev LHD

Simashev has struggled in the KHL this year to produce like a high pick and for that I believe he might be the biggest faller on draft day. But the combo of size and skating is too good to pass up.


19. St. Louis Blues - Eduard Sale LW

Sale hasn't taken off since a trade in the OHL to a stacked Kitchener team, but has still shown enough not to drop in our mock.


20. Anaheim Ducks (Capitals) - Calum Ritchie C/RW

Ritchie has been fantastic in the OHL this year and I think ends up on Devon's radar. As an Avs prospect he likely has slightly higher value...but maybe that's just crazy talk.


21. Vancouver Canucks - Daniil But LW

But started slowly in the KHL but did end up picking up his play. This would be a big fall for him, not as far as Simashev though. 


22. LA Kings (Oilers) - Samuel Honzek C/RW

Rumpy has so many picks it's hard to think of reasoning behind some...so BPA here will be Honzek.


23. Ottawa Senators (Panthers) - Quentin Musty LW

Sudbury boy for Steph. After singing some Will Smith, Steph gets down to business and picks one of Toby's favourites to dangle over him.


24. LA Kings (Canadiens) - Oliver Bonk RHD

Son of Radek, Rumpy takes the WJC Dman here to add to his impressive collection.


25. LA Kings (Sharks) - Easton Cowan RW

I debated putting Cowan higher to a Leafs fan like Garrett...but think this is the range that fits better for him.


26. New Jersey Devils - Tanner Molendyk LHD

I think at pick 26 we might end up seeing some bigger reaches, but Molendyk was looking really good prior to the injury and will be a 1st rounder come draft day.


27. New York Islanders - Bradly Nadeau C/W

Nadeau scores lots of goals, and has looked good early in the NCAA. I think Joe will nab the sniper here.


28. LA Kings (Avalanche) - Gavin Brindley C/RW

Brindley looked really good in the WJC and I think that puts him on Rumpy's radar.


29. Vegas Golden Knights (Sabres) - Trey Augustine G

Augustine has been fantastic in the NCAA as an 18 year old. I believe he may be the first goalie off the board.


30. LA Kings (Predators) - Andrew Cristall LW

Snubbed for the WJC by Canada, Rumpy picks the highly skilled winger earlier here. I think someone will take the talented winger higher.


31. LA Kings (Flames) - Jacob Fowler G

Might as well snag someone from every position here and spread the love. I already have him taking two other BC players.


32. LA Kings (Red Wings) - Carson Rehkopf RW

He's scoring at a ridiculous pace in the OHL this year and looked great in a limited role with Canada at the WJC.

Clearly you haven’t seen me reach if you think pick #26 will be a reach.
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