BRHL Mock Draft Picks 1-16

Draft order is set.

1. Los Angeles Kings - Connor Bedard

A no brainer if there ever was one. Rumpy went all out to ensure he landed Bedard.


2. Anaheim Ducks - Leo Carlsson

Generally I don't like doing mock drafts when I have high picks, because I don't like giving things away. I'm not going to throw up smokescreens in this instance.


3. Ottawa Senators - Matvei Michkov

To me, this is another no brainer. You could make the case of Fantilli being a safer pick, but Michkov might have the most offensive upside in this draft, and the Sens are starved for it.


4. Vegas Golden Knights - Adam Fantilli

Another pretty easy pick to predict. If Fantilli falls to 4, he'll get scooped up by Joe.


5. Winnipeg Jets - Will Smith

I believe there's a drop off after pick 1, 3, 4 and 5. A lot of relatively easy picks to predict. Doc could get cute at 5, but I don't see a need. Smith has been phenomenal.


6. Chicago Blackhawks - Zachary Benson

Benson had a really solid rookie season. Dave mentioned in chat he was likely going to grab him at 6 if he was there, and I think that makes a lot of sense.


7. Calgary Flames (via Carolina) - David Reinbacher

Kevin has never really been one to shy away from scooping up players that fall on his lap. And generally, it winds up working out well for him. One of the other guys in the league then falls in love with whomever Kevin drafts and pays him a randsom for said player. There's nothing wrong with grabbing the top drafted defenseman with the 7th pick.


8. New York Rangers - Ryan Leonard

I'll be honest, I have no idea what PJ will do. I have no idea who he likes, how he drafts, etc. I know nothing. With that said, Leonard is a pretty safe bet to be in the mix for him at 8.


9. Pittsburgh Penguins - Dalibor Dvorsky

I think Toby grabs his Sudbury guy in Dvorsky at 9. I don't think it's as cut and dry of a decision as some might believe it to be, though.


10. Los Angeles Kings (via Columbus) - Nate Danielson

It wouldn't shock me if Rumpy moved some of these picks now that he has secured Bedard, but if he stays with all of them, I'm sure Danielson is on his radar at 10. WHL boy, solid two way game, the exact type of guy you need to surround Bedard with.


11. Utah - Brayden Yager

Joel is a pretty easy guy to predict. While I may not be bang on with this selection, I can almost guarantee Yager is on his radar. Is he a WHL player? Yes. Did he perform well last season? Yes. Did he play in the WJC? Yes. Should he go in this range? Probably. Ticks all of Joel's boxes.


12. Los Angeles Kings - Dmitry Simashev

At risk of sounding like a broken record, I think grabbing a defenseman who was drafted at 6 makes all the sense in the world for Rumpy, if he doesn't trade the pick. He already has two forwards drafted, why not take a shot on Simashev here?


13. Ottawa Senators (via Florida) - Easton Cowen

Cowen's season in London has been nothing short of exceptional. He practically made headlines every week. We're in the range now where he's going to get a good long look, and I'd be willing to wager he doesn't drop below 13.


14. Toronto Maple Leafs - Gabriel Perreault

If Cowen doesn't go at 13, he goes here. With that said, I think Garrett would be more than happy to grab Perreault as a consolation prize of sorts.


15. Los Angeles Kings (via Dallas) - Tom Willander

Could go a few ways here, but going to go with Willander and say that Rumpy tries to pawn him off on a Canucks homer later. Really would not be surprised to see LA move down here, either.


16. Los Angeles Kings (via Philadalphia) - Daniil But

Man, Rumpy must be somewhat disappointed that mayhem didn't happen in the lottery. He has so many tickets. Anyways, if he keeps this pick, a winger makes sense. But went 12 to Arizona in NHL, has size and had a really good KHL season for a player his age.

Yeah your bang on Yager is my guy unless someone else falls back to that pick
Oh ya before Al corrects me I meant "you're"
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