Coaching FA and Midseason replacement rules

Free agency to start on Sunday NOON et

Free Agent Rules – Starts Sunday August 18 at NOON ET

-Bidding is done website. Same place players were done

-48 hour process like players FA

-Only coaches with ratings (ie actually coached in NHL or AHL last year) on the index are eligible to bid on during the FA process

- Teams can bid on coaches that they just recently declined to extend. This would be the only way for a coach to “take a pay cut”.  So if you don’t like the contract offer on my extension, then let him to FA and try to the win the bid at your price.

-There is no loyalty bonus

-There is no term bonus

-For a coach to receive a MINOR offer, they must be MINOR eligible (Meaning they did not finish last NHL season a non-interim head coach)

-Initial bids must meet minimum coaching salaries per level and for 3 or less years.

-Bid increments must be at least $150K until bid is over $999k, then the bids must be in increments of least $200k.

-All bids must meet appropriate $ increase regardless if the bid is changing from Minor offer to Pro Offer.

-Once a Pro Bid is made on a coach, only PRO bids will be accepted from that point on

--No signing bonus may be used

-You may bid on a coach without having an opening. If you win the bid, you will then have to fire (buyout) a coach

-You can only be lead bid on one PRO coach and one FARM coach at a time.


Example of FA process.


Team A makes Coach 1 a Minor offer for 800k. Team B takes lead with a Minor Bid of 950K for the coach. Team A regains lead with 1.1M bid (still 150k increment) for Minor Coach. Team C comes in with $1.3M (bid is now at least 200k increments) for PRO coach. At this point, the next bid must be: a) at least 1.5M and B) must a pro offer.



Midseason coaching signing process.


In order to sign a FA coach midseason, below is the process to make it fair for everyone. It is not a first-come-first-serve method as not everyone may not see a real life coaching announcement/change at the same time of the day.


-For a bid to be made during the season the coach MUST have ratings from last season. (must have coached, head or assisistant, in the NHL or AHL the season prior)

-Offer can be for PRO or MINOR, but only if he minor eligible


The process:

Team A sees Coach 1 is recently promoted to NHL head coach from an assistant and would like to make a Pro offer from him to take over their BRHL pro head coach. Team A must email me ( and/or message me on SLACK their offer.

-offers may ONLY be for 1 year.

-Once I see/read the message, I will then announce on the main BRHL site as well as SLACK chat the following.

“An offer has been received by a team for the services of coach, John Doe. Offers will be accepted for the next 24 hrs from this point. Please email or message me on SLACK your offers”

-Team making the initial offer will not be announced.

-All teams, including the initial team, may be make offers for the next 24 hours. Please make sure you list your team, salary for the one season, and if pro or minor offer.

-Once a bid is made, you can only up your own bid, you may not cancel or reduce it

-Since it a blind bidding, there are no increments requirements (whole dollars please. .Bids like 1.5Mm, 457k, 602K, $812,377 are ok…Don’t want $3327.69) other than the minimum salary rules.

-Highest bid wins, even by $1k and regardless if PRO or Minor (if coach is minor eligible of course)

-in case of an exact tie on salary, the bid which arrived first will be the winner

-New Jersey Devils will not take part in any Midseason coaching changes.

-After the 24 hours has passed, I will announce the winning team and salary

-Winning team must fire (buyout) the appropriate personnel or reorganize accordingly


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