Washington Trade Block

Few Surprises from Linke

Coming off a surprisingly successful first season that many pundits are callng the greatest expansion team in the history of the BRHL the Washington Capitals are preparing for season 2. 

GM Lawrence Linke stated that he doesn't expect to move either of the standouts from last years team, Jack Campbell or Radko Gudas. As for Campbell, Linke calls him one of the biggest bargains in the BRHL. "Here is a goalie who was top 4 in the NHL in both GAA and SPCT who is signed for 5 years at under $1 M per year". Linke further stated with proper rest he expects Campbell to play in 50 games this year. 

Linke also stated that there has been considerable interest in Gudas but teams are scared away by his contract which has 3 years remaining at $5.2 M per year. With a 98 CK, 95 DU nd a 92 DEF Linke refues to be lowballed or retain a considerable portion of his contract. Linke would not confirm or deny that he is looking for a 3rd round draft selection and a mid -level prospect age 22 or younger. Linke pointed to a recent BRHLD study which has Gudas as a top 10 round selection. 

Tomas Nosek is available for a 5th round pick. He is a steady C-LW with a 76 CK and a 72 DEF. He is 603, 210 pounds and scored 8 goals in 68 NHL games last year. His contract status is 26-2 at $673 K which means any teams that acquired him can control him for up to 6 years. He would be a valuable addition to any teams 4th line. 

Also available is Alex Biega for a 7th round pick. His contract status is 31 - 1 for $1 m so he is purely a rental. He has a 90 CK and a 72 DEF.

With a current balance of $7.5 M Washington is in the bottom third of the league. There are four teams whose combined roster of skaters between their NHL team and their AHL team is 40 or less. This puts them dangerously close to the dreaded computer generated player. This computer generated player costs you $500 K towards your finances even if he is on your AHL roster. I currently have 29 forwards and 18 d-men on my AHL roster. I am willing to sell a player for $650 K or trade 3 players for a 7th round pick. I have to be clear that you are not acquiring a prospect for $650 K, just a roster filler. Unfortunately I don't have any spare goalies available. I am looking at a wavier draft crunch in October 2020.

Financially this makes a lot of sense. If you purchase a player from me your first year expense is $650 K plus a cap hit of his salary for under $100 K. Your total year 1 expenditure is $750 K or less. Your year 1 expenditure for a computer generated player is $500 K. In year 2 your expenditure for the player you acquired from me is just his salary, which is under $100 K. If you have a computer generated player your expenditure is still $500 K. In the second year you are making money and that continues each year after that. 



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