Breaking Down Each BRHL Organization - Part 2

Who will make a run, who will aim for top pick?

Oilers – Much like the NHL Oilers, this team features three good players (including McDavid) and no goaltending. In all seriousness, this will be another down/rebuilding year for Edmonton. Not much to see here. A bad team in a bad division.


Panthers – The rebuild rightfully continues in Florida. With Barzal moved out last week, this organization is a little bit deeper, but a long ways away from being competitive. In a tough Eastern Conference, this team will be at the bottom of the standings. GM Tyler is playing this situation the right way.


Penguins – GM Toby has made no shortage of huge trades since joining the league. At the end of them all, he has a good team that should earn a playoff spot this year. The true strength of this team remains unknown, but they could definitely do some damage in the East this year.


Predators – This team ALWAYS finds a way to make noise every single year. This year won’t be any different. The Preds are a strong team and will challenge Dallas and Colorado for top spot in the Central. Literally a more successful version of the Hurricanes in a different conference. No futures required!


Rangers – This team has some star power, but not much else. Going through a re-tool of sorts, the Rangers will likely be a bubble team this year. PJ has done a good job of getting younger and building for a brighter future, but this year’s squad is lacking a legit goalie which prevents them from being a real threat.


Red Wings – Another year, another good Red Wings team. I would make the argument that this team isn’t quite as good as it has been in previous years, though. The stars are certainly going to carry this team to the playoffs, but how far will they go? We’ll find out soon enough.


Sabres – How the mighty have fallen. It feels like just yesterday this team was a cup contender, though in reality it’s been a few years. Jared has done a good job of selling off veterans and obtaining futures. Unfortunately, this team is still a few years away from being good again. The good news is Sabres GM Jared is committed to doing things the right way; the bad news being this team has a long season ahead.


Senators – There’s no doubting what the plan is in Ottawa. They are in win now mode. The questions are whether or not this team is good enough to win with the goaltending that they have. It’s well known that most of the futures in this organization have been traded and what remains to be seen is whether or not it’ll pay off. This is a massive year with huge expectations in Ottawa, let’s see what happens.


Sharks – This team sucks and it’ll continue to suck unless Miika gets some lottery luck this year. There’s no doubting that there are plenty of good pieces to build around, the question is when Mika will stop gunning for Fins and start trying to win. With all of that said, Miika should undoubtedly be tanking for Kakko this year.


Stars – There has to be a plan in place to land a goalie for Dallas. I can’t remember the details, but I believe there is. Assuming Junya is waiting 30 days to trade for a UFA, this team won’t really have much of a shot at winning the division. However, as long as the Stars make the playoffs, they will have a good chance at making another cup run. Lots of questions in Dallas that should soon be answered.


Stoners – Another year of tanking for the consensus greatest expansion GM in BRHL history. Rex is doing things the right way, and assuming that continues, this team will be very good in a few years. This year, however, will be a boring one for Seattle fans.


Wild – A bad team in a tough spot, this will be a rough couple of years in Minnesota. There really aren’t many options for Al. Sell off, rebuild, and draft well. This team is going absolutely nowhere this year in a loaded Central division. Hopefully Al sees that and acts accordingly.

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