2021 Power Rankings!!!

The long awaited ranking have come out!

I am sure all of you, especially Greg, have been waiting to hear from the Stars GM to tell you who is going to be good this year.  His magic formaula has been applied to the ratings and here are the results!

Rank Team
1 Bruins
2 Maple Leafs
3 Oilers
4 Islanders
5 Stars
6 Avalanche
7 Blue Jackets
8 Golden Knights
9 Coyotes
10 Canadiens
11 Hurricanes
12 Blues
13 Ducks
14 Blackhawks
15 Kings
16 Senators
17 Jets
18 Wild
19 Rangers
20 Sharks
21 Predators
22 Lightning
23 Flames
24 Kraken
25 Penguins
26 Flyers
27 Capitals
28 Sabres
29 Canucks
30 Devils
31 Red Wings
32 Panthers


What?! Maple Leafs are #2?!  This can't be legit, but think about what just happened in FA...Garrett has acquired the second best goalie in the league, so he has jumped a ton to be near the top.  The goalies, Rask and Khudobin, are so much better than the remaining goalies, they have catapulted the Briuns and the Leafs.  Now my rankings formula shows that Bruins by a FAR margin are the best team, so the Leafs are no where near the same league as them, but they have become the best of the 2nd tier.


Greg has done a phenomenal job of retooling and now is the team to beat.  I think they can crown the cup winner at this point.

As previously said, the Leafs are slightly better than the other teams in the 2nd tier, the Oilers, Islanders, Stars, and Avalanche.  Seems like there will be a battle for the West title and in the East a battle to play the Bruins to get crushed.


The West still has a lot more teams in contention, so many teams will be near the playoff team bubble.  Any big injury can make a team slide right out of contention.

East will have a few teams way at the top with all the tanking teams.  Until the playoffs come, there will not be much intrigue with 7 of 8 teams at the bottom of the rankings.



Interesting. See how the season plays out.
Clearly goalies are evaluated too high in your rankings.
LOL big injury!! there were 0 last year unless exhaustion counts
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