Power Rankings...without goalies

The people have spoken, so here are rankings with the goalies removed


Rank Team
1 Bruins
2 Avalanche
3 Stars
4 Golden Knights
5 Blue Jackets
6 Canadiens
7 Islanders
8 Oilers
9 Ducks
10 Blackhawks
11 Senators
12 Kings
13 Jets
14 Rangers
15 Predators
16 Coyotes
17 Maple Leafs
18 Hurricanes
19 Blues
20 Flames
21 Sharks
22 Red Wings
23 Capitals
24 Lightning
25 Panthers
26 Wild
27 Kraken
28 Flyers
29 Canucks
30 Sabres
31 Penguins
32 Devils

In my skater rankings, there seems to be a top tier with Bruins, Avs, Stars, and Knights all within 2 "points" of each other.  The second tier has the next 4 teams and then the 3rd tier has a slew of teams that are within "points" of each other.  That 3rd tier goes from Ducks down to the Canes.

The East has a decent separation from Bruins to CBJ, Mon, and NYI, so it's Greg's Conference to lose. 

The West is a dogfight, as always.  The matchups in the playoffs are basically etched in stone as Stars and Avs (Central) and Knights and Oilers have a decent amount of separation from the next "contenders".


With above all said and done, a huge portion of the teams was not included.  You guys did not like how I incorporated the goalies, but you will see that I will be very close in my predictons.



Well, well, well...The Maple Leafs are down with the pack without Khudobin.  Again, in my opinion, you guys underestimate the separation that Rask and Kudobin have with the rest of the pack.  Vasey and Helley are VERY good in tier 2, but they are still, themselves, well below those two.  


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