I got a lotta problems with you people, and now you're going to hear about it!

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It’s everyone’s favorite article of the year, and this year it’s not team specific, I find it’s much more entertaining to air my grievances towards the individuals, not their teams, also lets me expand to baseball and football. These will typically be brief, I’m not looking to write a thesis. There’s no rhyme or reason, it was literally me typing things up as they came to me throughout this glorious day.


I’ll start off by saying if you don’t get mentioned, shame on you, that’s worse than anything. Make an impact!

-      Toby, Toby, Toby. Where else would we start? Nice kid, but legit one of the dumbest people I’ve ever come across. His Dad is smart, his brother, well, never mind. But ye gads the IQ on this kid would be lucky to top 80. I could go on, but then I’d be tired of writing.

-      May as well stick out east, Jared, no-one cares about your weird relationship with your albino cat

-      On the topic of cats. Does Shaun attend the furry conventions with Eric?

-      Remember when we had podcasts? Those were cool, I wish we had Greg back, instead of this half assed version. He and Steph just ruined the BRHL chat and then he went silent.

-      Rumpy got engaged. Who in the world woulda thunk it. This gal must have serious issues.

-      The politics channel has been entertained with Ken’s liberal insanity; it’s been fun. For those that don’t know Ken ran the original BRHL for years back in the aughts (2000s).

-      Wonder if we will get drunk Rex posting his trade blocks tonight? It’s been a while since we got one of his insane racist rants. You’d think the Rona would be bringing it out.

-      I’m just excited with Craig in baseball and football we have someone from Oklahoma. Underrated state, eastern part is nice.

-      Is Devon married yet? Where’s my invite? That ungrateful prick.

-      In case you didn’t know, we have a top 2 GM in Dan S. Granted we’ve never actually seen him win anything, but he’s pretty proud calling himself top 2.

-      Sheds is a beauty; I’d estimate 10% of crap he says he actually believes. Still can’t believe he named his daughter Pavel.

-      Did we ever figure out who taught Larry how to post his memes? I’m just excited we may see him live long enough to make playoffs in hockey with his expansion team.

-      Speaking of old guys. I better mention crusty ole Al, he’s probably stopped reading though. He’s told me he doesn’t read more than the first few lines. This will be a fun test. Wish his brother wasn’t a freaking ghost in baseball.

-      Junya’s been oddly quiet. Other than asking why I think he should set his football roster. I remember when he contributed.

-      The shit talking is going to be amazing from the “North” division in NHL, still waiting on Devon (and Toby) to give their official top 31 teams they cheer for list so we know which side they’re on each night.

-      Remember Kirks’ incoherent rants? Try following what Shaun is saying in the BRHLD sometimes. Clearly not a scholar.

-      Hey Pat B, when we got rid of Mika for being a ghost, we didn’t expect you to be one replacing him.

-      BTW Tino in football is by far the best AGM we’ve ever had, can’t wait to fire someone and get him his own team.

-      As much as I hated to, it was fun beating TJ in football this week, that smug douche. How do you like that Mr. Football master? Nice crappy baseball team too. Now we have good GMs coming into your division, the Rays will slide.

-      Yes Garrett, we know player X is available if you get 250% value, but you’re OK keeping him if not. Amazingly, this applies to baseball/football/hockey.

-      Getting annoyed watching them speak French on TV in Edmonton. Shout out to the only French people I like. Eric F. Steph, Steve V (you like the Habs, it counts).

-      I’m convinced Mitch doesn’t work, he just posts articles and stuff in football and baseball. Not that I’m complaining.

-      Hey! I forgot Leon was getting engaged too! While he’s not jetsetting across NA meeting BRHL GM’s he found time for love.

-      Can’t believe I’ve been doing sim hockey for more than 25 years with Garrett and that cunt Jordan.


-      No, I’m not starting a soccer or basketball league, stop asking.


Haha. Nicely done.
This is Toby level trash and effort.. just let Eric do it from now on. At least he's funny sometimes.
When we starting soccer?
Hmmmm vraiment interessant ! Je suis un fantome comparable a Mika :) tres comiques , au moins mes lignes sont fait regulierement , je repond a tous mes messages priver , comme certain le fait pas.. Sur cette note je vous souhaite une tres belle annee 2021 a vous tous :)
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