Sim League Legend Has Arrived;


"G.M PURBA already making the Sharks franchise as valuable as it has ever been in their history of existance in only one week" - pundits and reviewers from Rotten Cantelouples


Sunday, February 21st, Late Afternoon - Coast of Barcelona

It was late Sunday afternoon. BRHL-D, BRHL-R, Assistant G.M of the Ottawa Senators - Sumit Purba was on the beach just off the shores of Barcelona with players Sidney Crosby, Justin Williams and G.M of the Ottawa Senators, Esteban Villeaneuve. Sumit received a text message from Bryce SHUCK stating that it is time for the most anticipated arrival in all of sim league history.

Sumit was to take over the San Jose Sharks, mid season, and during trade deadline week.

Sumit, with two cigars in his mouth and a glass of Teremana tequila on the rocks sat with VILLEANEUVE and advised him that it is time for this birdy to soar and fly his wings. The remaining portion of this conversation is classified as confidential.

Monday, February 21st, Mid Day - Penthouse Suite in San Jose

Sumit spent most of the day evaluating league policies and injecting some life into Slack ops headquarters. A full roster evaluation was also conducted. The consensus was that the team did not have their 1st round pick this season nor were they completely out of the playoff race. The decision was made to try to get into the playoffs without sacrificing the future of the team. 

Trade 1: The San Jose Sharks first move involved bringing in veteran defensive juggarnaut Brad Richardson and sturdy defenseman Nick Holden.

Tuesday, February 22nd, Mid Day - Pool Side Cabana, Undisclosed Location

Sumit continued to work the phone lines to further find ways to bolster this lineup. Contact was made with fellow league GM Steven Vardy of the Montreal Canadiens.

Trade 2: Paul Stastny was brought into the mix for a future draft pick and a signed selfie of Sumit wearing a moo-moo & rayban glasses.

Further talks were had with the GM of the Florida Panthers who remains as Mr. Irrelevant. A big splash involving a franchise defenseman.

Trade 3: Kris Letang and fellow San Jose legend Patrick Marleau were brought back to San Jose in exchange for cap dump Jack Johnson and a pair of future draft picks.

Wednesday, February 23rd, Late Evening - Amalfi Coast

A big day for San Jose involving multiple ground breaking deals.

Trade 4: Contact was had with apparently the best GM in BRHL history, Junya and his Dallas Stars. San Jose sent Aleksi Heponiemi in exchange for one of the top two way forwards in the game, Jean Gabriel Pageau.

Trade 5: Ground breaking trade involving one of the Hansford brothers. Struggling Star Taylor Hall was sent for former lottery pick Filip Zadina, promising winger Miles Wood and a pair of draft picks.

Saturday, February 27th, Trade Deadline Day - Mexico

A day which most have anticipated since the arrival of Sumit. Some have said this has been one of the most active deadlines in recent history.

Trade 6: San Jose dealt young goaltender Kaapo Kahkonen and a 3rd round pick for Alexander Georgiev and a 1st in the upcoming draft. Kevin was fairly close to landing another star player on San Jose however talks fell through as soon as a signed selfie was the breaking point of the trade.

Trade 7: Sumit and Stephane stuck a massive deadline day deal sending Franchise center Sidney Crosby and Rielly Smith to San Jose for young and upcoming power forward Nick Ritchie and promising center Shane Bowers.

Trade 8: Mr. Irrelevant and San Jose struck a deal involving a cap dump - Vatanen and CLB 2021 1st was sent to Florida in exchange for MTL 2021 1st and 1.5M. 

Trade 9: Rex, another General Manager who was very close to landing a star from San Jose, and San Jose came to an agreement sending David Rittich to the Sharks for a 5th.

Moments before the deadline was about to end. One last deal was made to bolster the roster.

Trade 10: Steph and his Senators sent Justin Williams and Carter Rowney to San Jose for Kovalchuk and a 4th.


- 10 big trades were made in this week and San Jose is looking very promising

- The Sharks have been 3-0 under the Sumit regime

- The teams future was not sacrificed in order to bolster the lineup, if anything it improved.

- The team will have roughly 30M coming off the books and hope to bring in a star studded UFA


Draft Picks- 2021 SJ 5th Round Pick, 2022 SJ 4th Round Pick, 2022 SJ 2nd Round Pick, 2022 SJ 5th Round Pick, 2021 LVG 3rd Round Pick, 2023 SJ 3rd Round Pick, 2022 SJ 6th Round Pick, 2023 SJ 5th Round Pick, 2023 SJ 3rd Round Pick

Players- Jack Johnson, Aleksi Heponiemi, Taylor Hall, Kaapo Kahkonen, Nick Ritchie, Shane Bowers, Ilya Kovalchuk, Sami Vatanen


Draft Picks- 2021 MON 1st Round Pick, 2022 TOR 2nd Round Pick

Players- Carter Rowney, Justin Williams, David Rittich, Brad Richardson, Nick Holden, Paul Stastny, Kris Letang, Patrick Marleau, Jean Gabriel Pageau, Miles Wood, Filip Zadina, Alexander Georgiev, Sidney Crosby, Rielly Smith, Alexander Georgiev


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sumit phenomenal article and such a phenomenal team.
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