2021 BRHL Mock Draft

Way too early look at the BRHL entry draft

Hey BRHLers, this is my way too early look at our 2021 BRHL entry draft. I have zero knowledge of GM's draft preferences so these are just my best guesses. Without further adu, here it is:


1. Seattle Kraken - C Tim Stutzle

Stutzle or Lafreniere? I have Stutzle out in front early, he's looked better than the other forwards at the top early on and I suspect that has moved him ahead on most peoples lists.


2. Detroit Red Wings - LW Alexis Lafreniere

Byfield may have a higher ceiling than Laf, but I can't see Laf falling past both Stutzle and Byfield. So by default, Lafreniere goes #2. 


3. Florida Panthers - C Quinton Byfield

This is the easiest pick to make in the draft I think. Whoever of the top 3 happen to fall here is the selection. In this mock it's Byfield. Many believe he has the highest potential in the draft.


4. New Jersey Devils - D Jamie Drysdale

This is where anything can happen I think, but with the way Drysdale has played in the pros this year makes him the good pick here. 


5. Buffalo Sabres - G Yaroslav Askarov

I have a feeling Askarov rises in our draft with the recency of Russian goalie success. Looks like the Sabres could use a legit goalie prospect in their ranks. 


6. Philadelphia Flyers - D Jake Sanderson

Sanderson skates like his father, and with that type of smooth skating on the backend I don't see him dropping very far.


7. Calgary Flames - LW Lucas Raymond

Concerns over Raymond's ability to stay healthy have him dropping a few spots here. With a play style similar to Mitch Marner, I don't see him dropping past this pick.


8. Vancouver Canucks - C Anton Lundell

Another riser on the list, Lundell looked like a man playing against boys in the WJC this year. He was also over a PPG in Liiga which sees him rise up to the 8 spot. Wouldn't be surprised to see him go higher if someone has a preference for a C.


9. New York Rangers - RW Alexander Holtz

This is less Holtz dropping and more of others rising. He played well against men in Sweden's top league and can score from distance with his shot.


10. Minnesota Wild - C Cole Perfetti

Cole got off to a slower start in the AHL but has been picking up his game lately. He currently sits tied for 2nd on the Moose in points early on.


11. Pittsburgh Penguins - LW Rodion Amirov

Leafs player to a Leafs fan is maybe a bit lazy, but Amirov has shown great progression this year. He's voiced his committment to making the jump to North America when his playoffs are completed, so the Russian factor doesn't factor in here.


12. Tampa Bay Lightning - C Dylan Holloway

"Dylan Holloway was carried by Caufield". "No, Holloway carried that line and plays the more valuable position". It was fun seeing the back and forth between Habs and Oilers fans regarding Holloway's breakout NCAA season. A definate riser.


13. Pittsburgh Penguins (via San Jose Sharks) - RW Dawson Mercer

Mercer showed flashed of great skill at the WJC this season and has been hands down the best player on his Q team this year. I was tempted to put Barrie Colt player Foerster here, but that seems like a reach.


14. Florida Panthers (via Arizona Coyotes) - LW Lukas Reichel

Reichel has looked good in the DEL this year and also playing internationally for Germany. Could see him fall a few spots but this seems like a good spot for now.


15. Nashville Predators - C Marco Rossi

I'm a fan of Rossi and his potential is quite high. That said he's done nothing this year to rise above these other draft risers in my eyes. I think he will fall, but how far?


16. St. Louis Blues - RW Jack Quinn

Most were calling Quinn a reach at 8 overall in the NHL draft, I think we will see it similarly here as well. His ability to find open space and score is still prevalent at the AHL level.


17. Washington Capitals - D Braden Schneider

Again, maybe it's lazy picking a Rangers pick for a Rangers fan. But this makes sense for a Washington team trying to turn a corner and become a contender year in and out.


18. Toronto Maple Leafs (via Winnipeg Jets) - C Seth Jarvis

Why did Jarvis fall so far? I have no idea, I could see someone above this pick say the same thing when he's on the board at their pick.


19. St. Louis Blues (via Los Angeles Kings) - C Hendrix Lapierre

I'll say this now, I think Lapierre is the most skilled player in the draft. He'll need to show he can stay healthy and consistant in the Q this season. So far so good.


20. Calgary Flames (via Anahiem Ducks) - D Shakir Mukhamadullin

Despite going pointless at the WJC, he played a poised and mature game. He's consistantly looked good in the KHL this year as well.


21. Edmonton Oilers - D Kaiden Guhle

Some Habs fans groaned at the pick, me included. He did look great at the WJC this year though. Questions on his offensive upside remain though.


22. Detroit Red Wings (via Ottawa Senators) - LW Jacob Perreault

Perreault is the best skater in this draft. He's playing a mature, poised game in the AHL currently. I have no doubt he would have been in the OHL top 10 point getters had the season been going on.


23. New York Islanders - RW Yegor Chinakhov

The surprise pick of the NHL draft, Chinakhov benefitted from playing hockey this season prior to the NHL draft seeing his stock rise.


24. Nashville Predators (via Boston Bruins) - RW Tyson Foerster

I think I'm now in who the hell knows territory. Foerster has looked good in the AHL and would be a good pick for a Nashville team with 2 firsts.


25. Winnipeg Jets (via Dallas Stars) - C Connor Zary

He looked great in his AHL stint and off to a hot start in the WHL too. I have no idea on Doc's preferences so pure guess here.


26. San Jose Sharks (via Montreal Canadiens) - C Ridly Greig

A bit on the small side, but definately not small on skill. Greig looked good in his AHL stint and is now back in the W playing over a PPG pace.


27. Calgary Flames (via Vegas Golden Knights) - C Thomas Bordeleau

The biggest riser on my list, it's quite possible he's not even around this late in the draft. Michigan has a disgusting amount of young talent.


28. Calgary Flames (via Carolina Hurricanes) - LW Roby Jarventie

He probably deserved to go in round 1 in the NHL draft, and has shown why this year playing against men in Liiga. Don't be fooled by his lack of points at the WJC.


29. Chicago Blackhawks - LW Jake Neighbours

Neighbours has looked good this season with and without the puck. He seems like a safe bet to become an NHLer.


30. Florida Panthers (via Columbus Blue Jackets) - D Justin Barron

His health issues didn't have NHL teams shying away from him, and so far so good a year out from the draft. He's been healthy and effective for Halifax.


31. Vegas Golden Knights (Via Toronto Maple Leafs) - C Mavrik Bourque

Hockey IQ off the charts for Bourque. He was named captain for Shawinigan and currently 6th in PPG in the Q.


32. Tampa Bay Lightning (via Colorado Avalanche) - D Helge Grans

Grans has been great this year in the SHL, he's poised and solid defensively while being one of the better puck movers on the backend for Malmo.

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