UFA Needs and Predictions

Here we go! The Silly Season is upon us! Here are some predictions!


Philipp Grubauer - Grubauer had a great season with a .922 save percentage.  At the younger end of the age spectrum, he should have plenty of suitors.  Best fits: Devils, Leafs, Red Wings, Sabres, and Stars.  Prediction: signs with Buffalo.  


Anze Kopitar - He might not snipe to the same degree as he used to, but he does everything else in an elite fashion.  Still a true #1 centre.  Best fits: Blues, Capitals, Devils, Hurricanes, Panthers, Wild.  Prediction: signs with Washington.  


Blake Wheeler - Older than the hills, but he’s still producing and is the leader any playoff bound team craves.  Best fits: Bruins, Coyotes, Flames, Knights.  Prediction: signs with Calgary.  


Brent Burns - There will definitely be a huge lineup for his services.  Apparently has found his defensive touch lately which makes him incredibly intriguing to any contender.  Best fits: Coyotes, Islanders, Jets, Oilers, Senators, Sharks.  Prediction: signs with San Jose.  


Nick Bonino - Bottom six guy, certainly for the contenders, but can still chip in and kill some penalties.   Best fits: Panthers, Hurricanes, Flyers, Kings, Devils, Capitals, Blues.   Prediction: signs with Los Angeles.  


Alex Killorn - Very underrated, not overly old.  Will have a lineup of suitors, especially from those teams needing to add to the left side.  Best fits: Hawks, Avs, Jackets, Kraken, Panthers, Penguins, Rangers.  Prediction: signs with the New York Rangers.  


Jeff Petry - Like a fine wine that gets better with age.  Petry and his all round game will be highly coveted this free agency season.  Habs fans and haters will both be after his skill set.  Best fits:  Coyotes, Flyers, Hurricanes, Isles, Jets, Lightning, Oilers, Sabres, Sharks.   Prediction: signs with Tampa.  


MA Fleury - The newly minted Vezina winner is available for signing!  Sure to garner lots of attention, Fleury will be a hot commodity especially amongst contenders.  He won’t come cheap.  Best fits: Leafs, Sabres, Stars, Devils, Kings.  Prediction: signs with Jersey. 


Tyler Myers - Who doesn’t love a big, strong defensive D-man?  Myers plays a great all round game which will endear him greatly to Simon-T.  Best fits: Sharks, Sens, Predators, Penguins, Oilers, Flyers.  Prediction: signs with Pittsburgh.  


Mark Giordano - Ditto Tyler Myers.  But a bit older.  Will likely garner lots of attention, but being a bit older, will have a few less teams after him.  Best fits: Coyotes, Flyers, Isles, Jets, Predators, Sharks, Oilers. Prediction: signs with the Islanders.  


Freddy Andersen - Coming off a rough year certainly made his stock drop, so the top teams gunning for Lord Stanley will be out on him.   Best fits: Golden Knights, Penguins, Red Wings, Sabres.  Prediction: signs with Detroit.  


Patrick Kane - What a prize he’ll be for whoever manages to snag him.  It’ll be a whopping dollar figure, you can bank on someone breaking their bank for him. Best fits: Bruins, Coyotes, Flames, Red Wings, Kraken.   Prediction: signs with Arizona.  


John Carlson - Oufff.  What a big fish to have floating around out there.  Offensive D-men are often showed a little less love than they should around these parts, but JC is maybe the greatest.  So expect a feeding frenzy.  Best fits: Canucks, Coyotes, Flyers, Hurricanes, Jets, Lightning, Penguins, Sabres.  Prediction: signs with Philly.  


Logan Couture - An often overlooked valuable commodity in the hockey world, Couture brings everything you could want.  Is even surprisingly decent in the faceoff circle now.   Best fits: Blues, Canadiens, Capitals, Devils, Hurricanes, Panthers, Wild.  Prediction: Signs with Carolina.  


Steven Stamkos - One of the purest snipers of this generation and a two time Cup Champion, Stamkos will be an incredible addition to any team and their power play that is lucky to ink him.  Best fits: Just about anyone.  Prediction: signs with StLouis.  


Phil Kessel - See Stamkos.. but being only eligible at RW will limit his suitors slightly.  Also slightly older.  But still can put up good offence and help anyone.  Best fits: Bruins, Coyotes, Ducks, Flames, Red Wings.  Prediction: Signs with Anaheim.  


Ryan Suter - He is rather old now, but can put any contender over the top.  Experience, leadership, and a strong all round game will lead to plenty of appeal come Tuesday.   Best fits: Canucks, Flyers, Hurricanes, Jets, Oilers, Sens, Sharks.  Prediction: signs with Edmonton.  


Sidney Crosby - the GOAT.. at least of the past decade plus.  Sid the kid will be the prized possession of this class and you can be sure that whoever wins his services will make sure everyone else knows that.  Best fits: Blues, Bruins, Devils, Flyers, Hurricanes, Leafs, Panthers, Senators, Wild.  Prediction: Signs with Florida.

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