Free Agency Leftovers?

The last few bidding wars.....

BRHL FREE AGENCY, the season's most exciting and interesting time of the year is starting to wind down.

Still there are a few last remaining players who are still 'hot'.

Are these the leftovers?

Are these just the backup plan for teams who were unsuccessful in signing their prime targets?

Regardless, it is always fun to keep an eye on and examine these last few players who have yet to sign and find a new home.

Jesper Fast:  15 bids between 6 teams; there definitely seems to be some demand for Fast.  He is 29 years old so he may still have a few more prime years left.  He is a solid defensive forward fitting on the 3rd/4th line, with limited upside.  

Derek Forbort:  14 bids between 4 teams; this is mostly a bidding war between the Blues and Bluejackets.  Strong solid defensive defenseman who can fit in well in any lineup, and many more prime years left.  He is definitely cashing in on the teams still searching for a good dman after missing out on the 'all-star' guys.

Zach Parise:  10 bids between 6 teams; Zach is a former fantasy darling nearing the end of his career.  Does he still have a couple more productive and useful sim seasons to give?  There definitely are a few teams who think so!

Erik Haula:  16 bids between 5 teams; this has become mostly a bidding war between the Wings and Bluejackets.  Erik may be in the prime of his career now, and it's hard to know if there is more upside or not.  Currently, his ratings make him one of the better 3rd/4th line defensive C's in the league who can also contribute a bit on offense.

Reilly Smith:  15 bids between 4 teams; perhaps the last true top6 forward left available in free agency.  He had a down year in the NHL last season which reflects in his ratings.  However, in the previous season, Junya's secret ratings sauce ranked him #34 in most valuable forwards in the sim league.  There are definitely a few teams who are banking on his sim ratings recovery!


Best of luck to the free agency leftovers!!  And the upcoming season.....

All for fun and fun for all haha.




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